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Jean-Michel Soupraya

Jean-Michel “B-Part” Soupraya is a Beverly Hills-based record producer/songwriter and founder of independent record label JMWest Entertainment. 

In recent years, Soupraya has co-written and produced charting, Top 40 radio releases for JMWest Entertainment that include: “Yellow Shirt” Kylie Marcus (2013/14), “By My Side” Justice (2013), and “Find A Way” Justice (2012). 

“The important thing is to really know what your doing, then forget all of it and just let it be simply good, pure,” says Soupraya. “It’s not about showing everything you’ve got all the time, it’s about making good choices every time.”

Before relocating to the Beverly Hills in 2002, Soupraya’s career hit high notes in his native France that ranged from radio releases as a solo artist to his song “Tenderness” (performed by Jenny Zana), reaching the Eurovision 2000 finals for France.

“When I first came to the US,” says Soupraya, “I didn’t speak one word of English.  It forced me to take my time to really study the language, the culture, the American music styles – and I spent a lot of time alone.  When I first arrived I had 100 songs, maybe, in my music library; by the time I was fluent, I had over 400!”

Another challenge Soupraya faced in Los Angeles was getting stage time to test material.  Inspired by his shock at having to, himself, “pay to play”, Soupraya vowed to one day create a platform where up and coming, sign-able artists could have the opportunity to get exposure based purely on talent.  That day came in 2010 with the creation of JMWest LIVE!

“JMWest live is a way to filter good music,” says Soupraya, “what I’m looking for is people who are committed, authentic, focused and pragmatic enough to make it in this business.”

Soupraya’s passion for music was born out of childhood hardship.  He received his first keyboard while in hospital recovering from a paralyzing injury that nearly disabled him permanently.   It was during his two-year convalescence that Soupraya immersed himself in music and composition.  He walked out of the hospital and began selling out one-man concerts in his high school auditorium.  It wasn’t long before he was out on the road, playing keyboard, with Zionbar (Polygram/Universal).

“Music saved my life,” says Soupraya, “it fills me with purpose, with passion – with its magic.  I’m driven to cast that spell on others.”

To this day, Soupraya holds a genuine reverence for music.  He prides himself on Artist Development, providing an individualized formula for the commercially successful development of new talent relying on his keen vision to cultivate for them a unique and relevant sound.  His relentless focus - as anyone he’s worked with can attest - remains forever on melodies, “B Parts” and, of coarse, “Hits”.



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